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Medical Record Scanning

Digitise your paper medical records into secure, accessible digital records and achieve paperless goals

Expert Scan has many years of experience in successfully providing medical record scanning services on a range of project sizes. Having worked with a number of medical practices, NHS trusts and ICBs, you can trust Expert Scan to deliver secure, high-quality scanning.

  • Free consultation
  • BS10008 accredited scanning
  • OCR searchability
  • Summarisation service
  • Improved patient service
  • Free up valuable space
  • Full range of scanning - Lloyd George records, X-Rays, etc.

Medical Record Scanning Benefits

Free up valuable space

With our scanning and digitisation expertise, you can unlock your valuable space by converting physical paper documents and other records into digital searchable files. Say goodbye to filing cabinets, cluttered storage areas and box-filled basements.

Securely protect information

Store records securely in the cloud with controlled access levels and fully auditable traceability. Reduce the risk of data loss, damage or theft. Simplify regulatory compliance and governance through improved access to information.

Centralise access

Bring all of your information together in one place - easily prepare for audits and CQC inspections. Adhere to NHS retention requirements with automated document management systems - compliant with NHS England's Corporate Records Retention and Disposal Schedule.

Quickly search all documents

Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, document and record contents will be fully indexed and text searchable giving fast access to patient information where and when it is needed most. Suitable for most file types and available in 50+ languages.

How it works


Documents are packed and collected from your hospital or practice via tracked, unliveried vehicles. For large-scale, multi-site projects, a collection schedule will be arranged.


On arrival, documents are booked onto internal tracking systems, then each record is manually prepared for scanning by sorting, removal of paperclips and staples.


Records are scanned in B&W or colour to your preferred format. They are then indexed and structured as per your requirements (by DOB, NHS number, etc).


Electronic documents are returned to you via cloud portal access, integrated with your document management system, SFTP or encrypted hard drive.

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NHS England strategy to digitise, connect & transform

Digital transformation in health and social care

The NHS has put plans in place for the health and care sector to adopt digital tools to address long-term health improvement goals and to improve recovery from the pandemic.

It has been announced that the ambition is for the majority of health and social care services to have digital foundations in place, including electronic records, by March 2025.

Only 20% of NHS organisations are digitally mature, although 86% have a form of electronic patient record in place. Only 45% of social care providers have any form of digital care records. Replacing paper processes and outdated systems with modern electronic records will allow staff and people to safely access information wherever and whenever it is needed.

National document scanning services

Expert Scan is an experienced team of document scanning experts available nationwide across the UK and beyond if required.

With dedicated logistics teams on hand, we can collect your documents from any office location or warehouse across the United Kingdom, Europe, or Worldwide.

Our scan centres are located all over the country, with regional hubs in London, Exeter, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

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Summarisation Service

Our Summarisation Service involves creating a summary of a patient's electronic and paper notes in an accurate and comprehensive way. While often carried out by clinicians, this can be very time-consuming and resource-intense.

That's where our Summarisation Service comes in to carry out the summarising of notes on behalf of your practice.

Benefits of our Summarisation Service

  • Delivers vital information to clinicians instantly
  • Ease of access for current, new and temporary practice staff
  • Improved data quality with up-to-date records
  • Reduces duplication of data entry
  • Meet CQC standards while maximising QOF
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Expert Scan's experienced, professional team have a wealth of expertise, including information management, governance, data integration and storage allowing your business to maximise your data productivity.

Trust the Experts

Our mission is to provide high-quality digitisation and digital delivery solutions

We have many years of experience in successfully providing document management solutions on a range of project sizes.

From BS10008 accredited scanning, OCR searchability, data redaction and automated retention capabilities, you can rest assured that Expert Scan has the requirements to match your needs.

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